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NOVA is a design proposal of a range of soft drinks for Cruzcampo. Consists of 4 flavors; Cola, lemon, orange and tonic which go in two different containers; Glass bottle and aluminum can.


The labels are made up of a transparent background which helps to see the inside of the bottle without having any difficulty and if we relate it's color with the logo, we determine the taste without having to read.


The difference is visible. The can is no longer cylindrical and turn out a twisted octagonal shape, figure that will help us when we want to throw it because we will only need to grab it by both sides and turn each hand in the opposite direction while crushing. The top has a protruding profile that allows the sheet once opened the can, turn it and thanks also to the negative profile of it, can be placed in such a way that the can can be sealed.

Design on black background with stripes that mimic tin torsion and an optimized weight compensation

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