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twICE, a double ice-cream maker


twICE is a double ice cream maker with unique design and a huge variety of colors and designs. It's optimized on the inside with the engine, axles, wheels, bearings, etc ... as well as  on the outside with its blades to their correct height, the casing and the placement of the legs for their symmetrical distribution of the weight.


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Jun 2014


NOVA, range of soft drinks for  Cruzcampo



Minimalist design, transparent glass and changing logo  according to the flavor. Cola, lemon, orange and tonic are the flavors that NOVA provides.



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Jun 2014

Bladeless Fan for DYSON

3D modifications, realistic renders, 2D drawing and commercial video using 3DS Max for a University project  in which I had to demonstrate all this skills.


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Jun 2015

Butcher's shop



3D modeling from scratch having in mind all the ergonomic and  comfort  aspects, working conditions and  new optimizations. Render using 3DS Max.



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may  2015.

The snake hanger

Behind this plain line of the hanger it's found  a multifunctional design where one can hang shirts as well as pants. Thanks to the weight compensation of the hanger, it will not lean towards any  of the sides. The line created by the two curves is specially designed symmetrically for the shirts and the bottom for the pants, so one can hang a complete suit for instance.


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Feb 2014

Snake Hanger

A new way to see the lighters


Behind that  metal case  with rounded edges and ergonomic stamping, we find a  lighter with double functionality. On one hand, a traditional flame caused by the combustion of gas and spark and on the other an electric lighter which is recharged  thanks to the USB hidden in the bottom.

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May 2014

Innovation and elegance even in chess


Figures with the shape of their initial letter, understandable from any point of view and with a small detail that provides more information of its figure. Also we find a perforation from top to bottom by the center. The board has grooves to avoid pieces from falling and it is flexible so it's easier to introduce it into the  container, which is cylindrical and has 4 bars where the figures would go.


May 2014

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